Saturday, July 11, 2009

PJI Installation

Long time no see ;> mah blog has been dead like hell.

But i'd like to blog today cause today was an awesome day for the HotAttics(for those of you who still dont know,its a band)

We performed at the 10th PJI Installation at SJK (c) Yuk Chai Auditorium.

But before that Me,Syahir and Asyrul were at the prefects AGM,Congrats to Syahir for Head Boy and Asyrul Head of Discipline ;) ,AGM was plain shit boring.If i had to choose Staring at a wall and Prefect AGM,Staring at a wall would win,HANDS DOWN LOL.

After that we headed to Achaps house using LRT.Got to his house,Warm up,Tuned everything,Put on our outfits and Head for the Auditorium.The Stage was small but luckily it was able to fit all 6 of us Lol.Man i can never tell you how much fun performing is,you gotta try it out yourself :D
Performing Your Call

Performing Mr Brightside

Picture with US and Our Friends ;)

We Performed

Your Call by SecondHand Serenade
Mr Brightside By The Killers
Beat it By Michael Jackson/Fallout Boy

I personally enjoyed performing Your Call and Mr Brightside,Beat It was just okay for me.

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